Happy! Google Photos Integration on WordPress.com

  Totally excited with the integration of Google Photos with WordPress.com . Couldn’t find a better photo to celebrate this. I clicked this at my school where i am trying to get an admission for my #dotter . I have a lifetime of photos on Google Photos. A big thing on my wishlist remains embedding of albumsContinue reading “Happy! Google Photos Integration on WordPress.com”

10th Marriage anniversary – And a Replug of a Home recording :)

The occasion couldn’t be better. It is my 10th wedding anniversary of bliss with Varsha. Around 10 years back (perhaps more), i recorded a song  – Stand by Me by Ben E. King,  at home using Audacity sound recorder, dedicated it to Varsha. I succeeded in placing its widget on my personal blogger.com site then.Continue reading “10th Marriage anniversary – And a Replug of a Home recording :)”

Easter Favorite – I am born again – BoneyM

BoneyM was notably the first western music band I heard as a child, in a family where it was almost forbidden. The fear of kids turning into ‘Hippies’ –  if you can understand the orthodox fears in that era? The soothing and melodious sounds of BoneyM continue to remain my favorite. Their songs tell storyContinue reading “Easter Favorite – I am born again – BoneyM”

Pearls of Wisdm – Gem of a friend

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Rohan Thakare at the new sprawling office of WisdmLabs .  After a illustrious stint with Convonix, and IBM, Rohan pursued the career path of his passion with WisdmLabs towards beginning 2012. This was around the same time I moved on from my corporate career to pursue a freelance pathContinue reading “Pearls of Wisdm – Gem of a friend”

An ode to every divine Her on Women’s Day

या देवी सर्व भूतेषु विद्या , शक्ति , भाग्य , प्रेम रूपेण संस्तितः नमस्तस्यै नमोनमः || Ya Devi Sarva Bhooteshu, Vidya, Shakti, Bhagya, Prema Roopena Sansthithaha… Namastasyai Namonamaha #HappyWomensDay Without the “i” of Devi.. Shiva is Shava.. divine saying In fond respect of every Woman that inspires, loves, sometimes grunts, suspects my sight, breathes musicContinue reading “An ode to every divine Her on Women’s Day”

WordCamp Kochi – My first experience as a WordCamp Speaker

I am out of words to express the joy of my first experience as an approved WordCamp speaker. The talk itself, the hospitality and camaraderie within the community, all of it and more was truly heart warming! My first WordCamp as an attendee was WordCamp Pune 2017 which was incidentally in the same month when iContinue reading “WordCamp Kochi – My first experience as a WordCamp Speaker”

Flawed view of Demonetization by Harvard Profs

I read the article on Washington Post – India just made a big mistake with its currency ban Authored by Harvard Profs – Lawrence H Summers and Natasha Sarin. Based in India which has been the worst victim of black money, and an earlier corrupt regime under Ivy-educated ex PM  and ex FM, I findContinue reading “Flawed view of Demonetization by Harvard Profs”