Strapping up for the roller coaster in 4 minutes

Here i am, waiting for my Training as a Trial Happiness Engineer to begin in about 4 minutes. The feeling is exactly what you have when you are next in turn for a roller coaster ride. You are waiting at the entry barrier. The empty cars are in sight rumbling down. You are with aContinue reading “Strapping up for the roller coaster in 4 minutes”

A new beginning

I had my account for a very long time. I blogged sparingly on – my blogger site and nothing at all on the site. Most of my energies were devoted to my community site –, and subsequently towards building a good list of client websites using self-hosted WordPress. Off-late i haveContinue reading “A new beginning”

WordPress CMS and Website Building

It’s my fourth year as a self-employed consultant in the digital marketing, enjoying my passion towards serving SME and Non profit segment with solutions to get them online and set up their own medium. Undeniably, my journey wouldn’t have been successful but for the love and support of the open Source WordPress content management systemContinue reading “WordPress CMS and Website Building”

Exit 14 – Enter 15 – Eventful New Year

Reading “eventful” in the title did you guess that i was out there enjoying a Sunburn DJ, or doing Thumbs-up with the head of Country Club watching Katrina and likes gyrate at many RPMs??  ..Bad guess. I was wanting to be badly out of the Mumbai, (a feeling not limited just to new year’s day)Continue reading “Exit 14 – Enter 15 – Eventful New Year”

Freedom is like Cadbury’s Bournville – You need to Earn it

Warning – Random Rambles of a Caged Mind – let loose for few minutes The ad of Cadbury’s Bournville says… You don’t just buy a Bournville.. you earn it! Dark exotic chocolate aside, The tagline easily fits the description for something that we seek dearly, and forget usually as we part with our “pound ofContinue reading “Freedom is like Cadbury’s Bournville – You need to Earn it”

A sleepless night – random rambles

The first notions that come to your mind when someone says – “Sleepless night” is hard work, constant worry, upset health, insomnia… and so on. Thankfully, this moment of my sleeplessness relates to none. Strangely, i slept off at 8 PM the moment i reached home, and after 6 hours of dreamy sleep, i wokeContinue reading “A sleepless night – random rambles”