‘Fan’ boy lessons

A few days back i received 4 ceiling fans over a special 50% discount from my utilities provider as a part of their “Save Electricity” initiative. Although this looks like an ordinary ceiling fan, the Atomberg Gorilla is a BLDC principle based energy saving fan that runs on almost 1/3rd the power of ordinary fans.  Ahh.. before i make this a tech review. Let me review what i learned from the fun exercise of installing the fan all by myself.

I was inspired by my father and uncle who are aces at DIY – quite a bit of electrical, plumbing and home improvement work all these years. I was eager and at the same time nervous, about replacing the old ceiling fan with this new one, all by myself. I finally got the eagerness to overcome fear this morning.

There were a few thoughts that came to my mind, and lessons i did learn while assembling and installing the fan.

1. Sequence is important

To ensure that the fan is assembled correctly, there is a careful sequence to be followed right from fitting the blades,  to the rod, inserting the wires, to the canopy cups and then bolting the hanging assembly. There are finer details like the locking nuts and pins, which are important for safety, as well as balance of the fan. I did mess up by putting the main wire within the rod before adding the canopy cups. Took my time to undo and then fix it the right way.

2. Use the right tool for the right task

Though the fan assembly looks simple, it required three types / sizes of screwdrivers, Wire strippers, Spanners, pliers and insulation tape. Each of them had a unique role to play to ensure the installation was safe and successful. Any temptation to use a same size screwdriver to do it all is a certain recipe for injury and bad results.

3. Imagine, Visualize, Rehearse, Assemble!

Like i mentioned Sequence is important, and any step going back or forth means waste of time, and the frustration of having to do things all over. While it is evident we would mess up some part. We can avoid it as much as possible by imagining the whole activity in our mind.. the sequence in which each part fits in, and how something gets blocked if we mess it up.

Like Robin Sharma mentions in the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Everthing in this world is created twice – first in the mind and then in the real world.

Do it first in your mind. I was nervous at first about climbing all by myself on the tall stool with the fan, nuts bolts and rubber bushings, Screwdrivers and spanners. I then visualized the assembly sequence and arranged the tools and bits in my pockets as i climbed the stool. Fortunately things went just as i visualized, which made things much easier and safer.

4. Enjoy passing thoughts

When my head and neck arched upwards to the ceiling, i imagined how Michaelangelo felt doing this for the whole day as he painted the very high ceilings of the Vatican! Thoughts like these can take you away from the mundane and give you a bonus of energy. Fanneissance indeed!

5. Enjoy, Flaunt and get others to Enjoy

Yes!! it was done and ready in about an hour’s time. i got my mother to inaugurate it and admire me too :-P.  I got my father to be proud of my lil achievement.

For me it was special, since i would see it over my head (hopefully remains there safely for days to come!), and feel its breeze!

What an exciting day that was! Little things can indeed give great joys!  and Guess what? I have three more Fans to replace at my home, not sure if I would have a sequel to this post though :D.








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