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10th Marriage anniversary – And a Replug of a Home recording :)

The occasion couldn’t be better.

It is my 10th wedding anniversary of bliss with Varsha. Around 10 years back (perhaps more), i recorded a song  – Stand by Me by Ben E. King,  at home using Audacity sound recorder, dedicated it to Varsha. I succeeded in placing its widget on my personal site then. I used to host the song and used a widget on the blog post.

Inspired by this song and activity,  i went ahead with co-creating – a community “radio” for my ethnic community and friends. The project gave me great success and paved way for my career in digital marketing, WordPress site development… all the way to my current work with Automattic Inc. (

Here is the song – everything in my voice, raw, but true 🙂

Couldn’t be a greater delight that i am speaking about Audio blogging and Podcasting at WordCamp Nagpur 2017, Day after.


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