Saddling up, again with PPOF foldie cycle

Not very long ago, I had a chance to ride a Brompton folding cycle (foldie) owned by my brother-in-law. I could see how easy it was to carry, and even store in a small apartment, without any compromise in the ride quality. About a year plus later I got my eyes on PPOF – aContinue reading “Saddling up, again with PPOF foldie cycle”

Coding Curriculum for Myself

My day job involves helping people with their websites created on the platform. While the power of the WordPress software helps us create a variety of websites without knowing a line of code, I find learning HTML / CSS and Javascript very handy. It helps me identify issues faster and to appreciate the awesomeContinue reading “Coding Curriculum for Myself”

US Visa photos for kids at home!

Wife and Kids had their US Visa biometric and photo submission today. For adults the Visa Application Center takes photos, however for children below 14, they ask for photographs in a prescribed format. It completely missed my mind that we had to keep the photographs of the dynamic duo ready, and that the photos neededContinue reading “US Visa photos for kids at home!”

Second Day, Second Year, Second Child, every second counts

As the world tries to recover back from the holiday season and new year celebrations, I enjoy my most eventful day of the year. The Second of January, 2019 is special for these reasons. It lies sandwiched between the birthdays of two (again) of the three most important ladies in my life – Daugther’s onContinue reading “Second Day, Second Year, Second Child, every second counts”

Little Vedant’s new gifts from my colleagues

It’s been a fortnight since we had Vedant – our second child. Other than the generous (understated word) parental leave, my company gave me another nice surprise. They sent an awesome gift hamper for him. It included Books, a Sofie the Giraffe toy, and few other goodies! What was most touching was a handwritten noteContinue reading “Little Vedant’s new gifts from my colleagues”

Singapore – Once again

I came back from an awesome second-time trip to Singapore. Last time it was a family vacation. This time, a workation with my fabulous team at Automattic. Both trips left me bedazzled and with a question – “What does it take to migrate to this place?” Singapore brings together the modern and well-maintained urbania, similarContinue reading “Singapore – Once again”

Resurrecting a 2008 Macbook.. with Ubuntu

There couldn’t be a better way of celebrating Easter, than bringing back to life an ageing 2008 Macbook whose WiFi chip blew the second time since I took it second hand from my brother in law. The device would also not get further OS updates since Apple would want to push you to meaner andContinue reading “Resurrecting a 2008 Macbook.. with Ubuntu”

Uday – Ahmedabad’s Jailhouse Brand

The enterprising Gujarat state and Ahmedabad sets a great example of how Jail inmates could be involved and rehabilitated by manufacturing high-quality products and by bringing it under a good brand name. The name Uday translates as – To rise. My friend and I, during our recent visit to Ahmedabad city, discovered a nondescript shop atContinue reading “Uday – Ahmedabad’s Jailhouse Brand”