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KodaguConnect’s Outreach to help the flood affected was setup in a matter of few hours by Kishor Cariappa to help his Coorg brethern at the trying times of floods. He has a vision to make it a great local medium.

Kishor Cariappa owns a PR and Marketing agency in Oman. I have had the pleasure of knowing him closely as a good friend, a very loyal client and a great person to know and interact with.

Kishor hails from the Coorg region( a.k.a. Kodagu) in southern India, very well known for its Warriors (who grace our army even today!), its rich culture, and awesome coffee! Coorg is also a great tourist destination. Offlate, it has been in the news for the terrible floods it went through.

Around the same time, the neighboring state of Kerala also went through a very destructive wrath of rain and floods. The woes of Coorg and their call for help got somewhat shadowed in the larger calls for Kerala. There was also a challenge of Coorg not having a focused local medium to coordinate relief and get the attention of the Coorg natives spread around the world.

Kishor decided to bring in his PR and media skills coupled with to create a local media blog immediately. I am so pleased, he gave me a chance to help him set up- 

Within hours of setting the site up, Kishor already had it on with a few posts, and immediate social media links – all set up and ready to go!. Though i have been speaking a lot about it, I could truly see the power of Kishor’s will and the platform which together could bring up something lifesaving, and a great local medium for ever more!


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