Pearls of Wisdm – Gem of a friend

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Rohan Thakare at the new sprawling office of WisdmLabs .  After a illustrious stint with Convonix, and IBM, Rohan pursued the career path of his passion with WisdmLabs towards beginning 2012. This was around the same time I moved on from my corporate career to pursue a freelance path codenamed CoreGray. ( the site remains terrible and i am not linking it here :-D)

Here is a quick collage of the awesome time we had at the new office of WisdmLabs

The first thing that catches attention is oodles of white space and its fresh look, without any walls nor boundaries except that of the outer walls and the building itself.

Looks like a perfect setup that combines the camaraderie of a bazaar with no walls, and the white discipline and simplicity of a cathedral.

Rohan and WisdmLabs supported me a lot for larger project requests i received as a freelancer.  We did some awesome projects together, notably among them – – the go-to website for preparing as well as booking for Marathons around India, and soon worldwide.

Rohan was distinctly the person who got me more interested about Matt Mullenweg  , many years after i started working on the platform. This got me further interested in Automattic Inc., till i got myself hired by them.

Everytime i visited Rohan, his office size expanded in the exponential. I wish great success and happy growth to WisdmLabs and Rohan!



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  1. Whoa! Buddy, this is truly overwhelming. I am so glad to have found a friend like you who has been with me and Wisdm throughout this journey. I owe some great relationships and friendships to you and I am truly proud of your achievement of cracking into the elitest of elite group of Automatticians.
    I was very happy that you could spend some good time with us and share your insights with me and the team. I know I’ll always have a lot to learn from you as I look forward to collaborate further, doing our bit for the broader WordPress community.
    BTW, I still can’t believe that you’ve dedicated an entire blog post to me and WisdmLabs. The feeling is still sinking in 🙂 I’m thinking, we should bring things full circle with a visit to some awesome seafood restaurant. The treat’s on me!

    • I dont know about the feeling sinking into you.. But i can feel the seafood sinking into me 😀 .. Very soon indeed!! The learning and the pleasure is mutual. I have been wanting to write about some of my best experiences and rewarding friendships.. I am very happy to see your reply, Rohan.. Thanks so much 🙂

  2. A bazaar in a cathedral – I know what you did there Nagesh 😀

    Wisdm is cool, because its in Thane, never really managed to get to their office while I lived in Goregaon – maybe I will call on Rohan sometime and drop by on my countless Mumbai- Pune -Mumbai- Pune trips.

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