“Hi, I am Nagesh’s Topi” #WCMumbai

Summary – Before the Topi speaks for herself,  the story here is about how i got my Crown (topi cap) for the WordCamp Mumbai 2017 thanks to a hero at my home – my loyal home staff – Jyoti Chawla :). Hear the story from “topi herself”.

Nagesh was all excited about his second speaking opportunity at the recent – WordCamp Mumbai 2017 . In his last one at WordCamp Kochi 2017 he was all draped up in a traditional Kerala Mundu. It matched very well with the event mascot – Wappu and Wammu. Couldn’t be better described than Yogesh

Unlike Kochi, Mumbai does not have a distinct traditional dress code since it is a melting pot of many more cultures here. However thanks to the Mumbai Wappu avatar as Wambhau, Nagesh got hunting for a Gandhi Cap (topi) leading to me :).

The caps of my type- Gandhi Topis, originally donned by those who were a part of India’s non-violent freedom struggle, is also worn by a community of Dabbawallas . A nice white cap like me also protects heads from the hot tropical sun.  The Dabbawallas are a unique community within Mumbai that has been delivering hot meal tiffins with 6 Sigma accuracy! Among their fans is Prince Charles himself!

Nagesh recalled having a Topi somewhere from the last Republic Day celebration. As usual he may have misplaced it and blamed his mother for keeping it so safe buried in the X-files of his many home cupboards.

His frantic search caught the watchful eyes of Jyoti, who keeps the house in order (in addition to mom Pai) , as well as serves as a nanny to his “Dotter”.  On asking, Nagesh’s mom told her about his ongoing archaelogical effort to find the headgear for the event next morning.

The topi is also used commonly for ceremonial occasions in the Maharashtrian community to which Jyoti’s maiden family belongs. Looking at Nagesh’s perilous excavations around the house, Jyoti decided to get into action mode. Except, unlike other super heroes she didn’t change to a costume before kabooming in!

For Jyoti, impossible is nothing and there is no tomorrow. She asked for a short time out…. and in about half hour came home with me – a nice bright white ironed and fit Topi.. Much to the wide amazement of Nagesh!!

Selfie with Jyoti 🙂

Now let me timeshift and slo-mo what happened in that magical half hour.. Jyoti stepped out of the home, walked about half a kilometer to the next locality on the other side of a busy highway.  She crossed a busy market and an underground subway to get to her sister’s place. She asked if she had a topi with her. Her sister showed one which had gone dull and faded. Jyoti wasn’t happy and sparing no more time rushed out to the nearest shop and picked me off the shelf from there with my accompanying shawl ( a small towel). I was hoping to be picked for yet another Maharashtrian marriage, or perhaps a political rally. I kept guessing where i was headed until Nagesh picked me up to don his head and attire for his talk at WordCamp Mumbai 2017! He added a WordPress badge on me and we were all set.

With me crowning Nagesh, he got all the attention and admiration for matching the theme mascot of the event – Wambhau!

After the talk, i changed heads only to be donned by another fabulous member of the WordPress India community – Hardeep Asrani! Thanks to him I am now on my way to Kanpur from Mumbai.

Posing with two great Organizers! Hardeep .. Alex in the background guessing what!

I hope to attend one more WordCamp at Kanpur where Hardeep is an organizer, and crown one more awesome head 🙂

Well this was my story.. you can check more here:

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5 responses to ““Hi, I am Nagesh’s Topi” #WCMumbai”

  1. Radhika Avatar

    Fabulous or shall I say JHAKAAS !!!

    1. nagpai Avatar

      Jhakkas ani Zhanzhaneet!

  2. Hardeep Asrani Avatar

    Topi will lead Kanpur to Mumbai-based success. Jai Topi. 😀

    1. nagpai Avatar

      Be-shaq! Har-dum! Yaqeenan!

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