Little Vedant’s new gifts from my colleagues

It’s been a fortnight since we had Vedant – our second child. Other than the generous (understated word) parental leave, my company gave me another nice surprise. They sent an awesome gift hamper for him. It included Books, a Sofie the Giraffe toy, and few other goodies! What was most touching was a handwritten noteContinue reading “Little Vedant’s new gifts from my colleagues”

Singapore – Once again

I came back from an awesome second-time trip to Singapore. Last time it was a family vacation. This time, a workation with my fabulous team at Automattic. Both trips left me bedazzled and with a question – “What does it take to migrate to this place?” Singapore brings together the modern and well-maintained urbania, similarContinue reading “Singapore – Once again”

Resurrecting a 2008 Macbook.. with Ubuntu

There couldn’t be a better way of celebrating Easter, than bringing back to life an ageing 2008 Macbook whose WiFi chip blew the second time since I took it second hand from my brother in law. The device would also not get further OS updates since Apple would want to push you to meaner andContinue reading “Resurrecting a 2008 Macbook.. with Ubuntu”

“Hi, I am Nagesh’s Topi” #WCMumbai

Summary – Before the Topi speaks for herself,  the story here is about how i got my Crown (topi cap) for the WordCamp Mumbai 2017 thanks to a hero at my home – my loyal home staff – Jyoti Chawla :). Hear the story from “topi herself”. Nagesh was all excited about his second speakingContinue reading ““Hi, I am Nagesh’s Topi” #WCMumbai”