A new beginning

I had my WordPress.com account for a very long time. I blogged sparingly on nagpai.blogspot.com – my blogger site and nothing at all on the WordPress.com site. Most of my energies were devoted to my community site – RadioIdli.net, and subsequently towards building a good list of client websites using self-hosted WordPress.

Off-late i have been totally allured by the “Work With Us” clarion of Automattic – a company i deeply admire. A company that gave WordPress – where i devote a lot of my professional time and derive a great deal of my livelihood. I can imagine, getting an assignment, or for that matter even an “audition” with Automattic is going to be tough (only 440 Automatticians in this big world, and many more queued up).

However, i thought to myself, i can still be a part of them by doing something i should’ve done long back – participate on support forums. Out of gratitude and for the joy of helping users of this lovely ecosystem.. may it be queries pertaining to self hosted WordPress.org or WordPress.com. I first hesitated wondering if i was techie enough to even place my first reply on the forum, however on logging in i found that most of the queries could be sorted out by one of my key survival strengths – Search.

Most queries i came across required someone to help the user with a good search with right answers. Though users could do the search on their own, i was surprised to find quite a few of them preferred to raise a query on the forum – maybe, just maybe they find it difficult to articulate the right set of keywords. I don’t know, but without delving into it i started picking queries i could answer. Some of them got resolved and the smiles and Thank You’s really made my day. (even forgot when i sent my resume to Automattic)

So far i have had the fun of being on WordPress.com Support forum, and the WooCommerce support forum. Both places i am really loving being a part of the community, and conversing with friends from different parts of the world! Hope to write more about my journey on the forums!






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