WordPress CMS and Website Building

It’s my fourth year as a self-employed consultant in the digital marketing, enjoying my passion towards serving SME and Non profit segment with solutions to get them online and set up their own medium.

Undeniably, my journey wouldn’t have been successful but for the love and support of the open Source WordPress content management system and its vast community.

Most of my skills in the digital marketing space is completely self taught, and experiment thanks to my pet project – Radio Idli . The site began first on blogger, and then it was moved to a self-hosted WordPress based platform thanks to push and initiative of my friend Krishnanand “Sankalp” Nayak.

During the transition, i got acquainted with the bare basics of managing domains, shared hosting, cpanel and eventually installing and building a complete WordPress CMS based website. While still at my day-job,  Sankalp and i got an opportunity to voluntarily revamp the website of Vishwa Konkani Kendra. Its been revamped again by my consultancy –  CoreGray with lots of support from the Vishwa Konkani Team headed by Gurudutt Baliga !

Over a period of time, we jointly did few websites for community run non-profits. All these projects gave me hands-on and on-the-job training of WordPress. The WordPress Documentation and Support forums were my meccas of learning, they continue to remain!

Today its great to see that i am a part of a community of professionals thriving on WordPress as a trusted platform. Together we are seeing a day here where 1 out of every 4 websites on the Net is made using WordPress CMS!






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