Exit 14 – Enter 15 – Eventful New Year

Reading “eventful” in the title did you guess that i was out there enjoying a Sunburn DJ, or doing Thumbs-up with the head of Country Club watching Katrina and likes gyrate at many RPMs??  ..Bad guess.

I was wanting to be badly out of the Mumbai, (a feeling not limited just to new year’s day) though the celebrations at home were equally buzzing. I am a believer of Hakuna Matata – enjoy the day, hence i will not be able to wrench my frail memory to recall what happened in all of 2014. But here are some fun things that happened on New Year’s turn over the last 24 hours that i thought i should note.

1. Navya turns one and so do Varsha n i.

Navya, princess of the Pai household, er. Royalty, turned one! and so did Varsha the Mother, (Wilma, Marge, Varsha gets to take her pick) and Nagesh the Papa (Fred, Homer, the latter my all-time favourite). Her B’day as per Hindu Calendar was celebrated few days ago in a traditional way with lighting of lamps :). Few family members, no loud music, good food.  Amidst the fireworks din at midnight my princess slept through calmly. Was tempted to wake her up to celebrate, and was promptly warned against by the one year old Maa…. baap re!

Varsha and I continue to wonder at the cuteness that came from us, and whether we find her so just because she is our baby.

2. Yummy Flash Evening Biryani

Just when the evening chill began to catch-up. Spices took over me and Varsha agreed to make her first Egg biriyani with my assistance. The quest began with purchasing eggs undercover from a secret source (a paanwallah), since non veg (incl eggs) can get as contraband as meth in the part of the city i live in.

We reviewed about three-four different recipes online and then settled for the Quick Weekday Egg Biriyani by MyJhola, which won over Sanjeev Kapoor and NDTV for its speed, which could catch up with the mice running in our tummy.

3. Rat-a-tat start to 2015

Speaking of mice.. well the New year at the household rang hard for the Rodent.. literally. at 4.30AM, with percussion of few utensil clangs and broomy thuds, i heard my mom knock and whisper… “He’s here.. in the kitchen”..  With the Exterminator Extreme.. my father in the kitchen, i was as scared to get a broom blow or two as much as the rodent. Through a doorcrack i got briefed on the coordinates of the intruder, in the far corner. After emptying the space item by item, we found that Mr. Squeak did a Houdini, .. poof.. only to be rediscovered on the shelf above. i stepped outside, only to re-enter and see the intruder take different positions.. top of the tubelight, on the gas pipe, etc.

Finally Thud! came the deathblow, which came after open window amnesty granted to the rodent failed. The first new year resolution is to keep adequate Rat biscuit cakes in the balcony and all trails.

As you can see above, like an interesting movie, my new year had family drama, food and celebration, Action and gore, and nice memories!

Happy 2015!.






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