Freedom is like Cadbury’s Bournville – You need to Earn it

Warning – Random Rambles of a Caged Mind – let loose for few minutes

The ad of Cadbury’s Bournville says…

You don’t just buy a Bournville.. you earn it!

Dark exotic chocolate aside, The tagline easily fits the description for something that we seek dearly, and forget usually as we part with our “pound of flesh” to the mean marketplace – The rare flavoured Bournville I am hinting at is what we know as our Freedom.

Yes I wanna break free.. I am sure most of us would immediately go karaoke alongside the memoirs of Freddie Mercury and resonate with the urge to break free.. from what? A world of our own inhibitions? towards what? A world of our own fantasies? As a concept, Freedom gets mysterious upon scratching below the crust of usual perception.

The Harsh Reality – There are two aspects to this – One, we are all born free.. Two, it takes an effort to remain free.  It’s the effort to keep reminding ourselves that nothing binds our imagination and freedom to use it, other than our own inhibitions and fears. Nature has indeed given us fear as a guarding emotion, to ensure that we sustain through her forces of creation and regeneration. However, but for a conscious effort to balance our imagination with this fear, we will never be free! And thats the effort that earns us the Bournville – The exotic flavour of our freedom.

We are and we have always been free…  but to enable us to be immersed in that freedom, we need to put an effort of courage in being a black sheep, of taking the unbeaten path. And over and above, keeping our minds homed in on what we seek from life herself!

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  1. I have a different perspective. You are born with a dream to change this world. Not accepting the status quo. Figuring out that dream and achieving it is life. And we have freedom to achieve it. Freedom means free will plus the responsibility towards the consequences.

    Hope all your dreams come true in 2012.

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