A weekend diary note

Here i am, at the brink of terminal midnight…
where one week end’s and shows me the next flight..

The week that went by had many pleasant and jovial moments.. Few random citations served right here:

1. Finally got a call from NMIMS university for an assignment as a visiting faculty for one of my favorite subject – “Brand Building for NGOs and social enterprises”…. So next ten sundays are booked. This is the third year i would be facilitating the course.

2. Had my third marriage anniversary.. which i spent with a rare occassion of overnight work assignment at my creative agency’s premises. Worked till early morning 430AM, to be greeted by passionate rain with lights and sounds… On a road that was empty with cabs and autos on strike. Was lucky to be dropped by a friend from the agency.

The final outcome was good and appreciated indirectly… I think the compliments, few of them make it direct to you specially during appraisal :-D.

Luckily had the privilege of taking the next day as a compensatory off from work.

3. The rains are here.. It was raining moderately yesterday… i embarked on a two mile walk after a days work, as i left for my sister’s home.. It was an experience enjoyable as ever sipping raindrops.. The next morning, was walking again towards office, just when a bus driver, from my usual morning bus honked at me and dropped me to the bus stop en route his return journey.

Little moments… few disappointments… glitters of joy…. deep rough sea… and then Land Ahoy!






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  1. Clelia Avatar

    It's neat to read you're learning to do the walk…or better yet, dance to the right tunes.
    I know exactly what you mean by little moments making you day worthwhile.I'd have given you a ride if I were that driver too…:-)

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