Patti, Patni aur Woh (foreign body):

Patti, Patni aur Woh (foreign body):
Two days before my anniversary, my right eye which usually nags a lot, started watering profusely. I thought it was the usual one-eyed computer vision syndrome which my doctor had named the symptom as, after running out of his clinical logic. But this time around the deluge of tears wouldn’t stop even after shedding about a litre of tears.

I was forced to retire hurt from my workplace that day where my colleagues avoided my stares thinking it was contagious conjuctivitis. The usual doubts were raised by my peers – “who did you wink at in France? Maybe she is remembering you”. I began to wonder, I had stared at so many pretty damsels as i walked through the beautiful country, who would recall me so painfully?

The next day i was on the opthalmologist’s table, served for breakfast. “Its the same old right eye, doc” I remarked. “But not the same ailment this time” said the doc who was operating on my right eye for the third time. The first time, it was a sty, second was some particle and now…. “A foreign body appears to have scratched your cornea and fallen off. Did you scratch too hard?” said doc.

I was itching to ask.. “Was the foreign body french?”. But before i could even think of that. My eye was medicated and bandaged, and i was left with “Patti (bandage), Patni (my wife counting down our anniversary) and Woh (the foreign body whoever she was)

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  1. Hi Nagesh,>>No one can blame you now for winking at unknown females. Good idea for your anniversary>>Anyways wish you a very happy anniversary. Its always a special occasion

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