Web 2.0 arrives at my workplace

Finally the day I was waiting for is here. One of the reasons why my company hired me is finally taking shape. Two of the best websites run by my employers which have been in existence well before the dotcom bubble and survived the burst, finally got curious about implementing social bookmarking to increase the reach of their wonderful articles.

The discussion happened over a small meeting two months back. And after thorough research we finally have the social bookmarking buttons added to select sections of the website. All this while i have been reading about the jargons of Folksonomy and the role of these sites like Del.icio.us and Digg as tools to increased salience on the internet. This is for the first time i would get to see it working, which i hope will work wonders on our website.

This is a small victory for me.. the larger one will be determined by the actual outcome of this.

cheers! nagesh






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