Singapore – Once again

I came back from an awesome second-time trip to Singapore. Last time it was a family vacation. This time, a workation with my fabulous team at Automattic. Both trips left me bedazzled and with a question - "What does it take to migrate to this place?" Singapore brings together the modern and well-maintained urbania, similar... Continue Reading →

Resurrecting a 2008 Macbook.. with Ubuntu

There couldn't be a better way of celebrating Easter, than bringing back to life an ageing 2008 Macbook whose WiFi chip blew the second time since I took it second hand from my brother in law. The device would also not get further OS updates since Apple would want to push you to meaner and... Continue Reading →

The enterprising Gujarat state and Ahmedabad sets a great example of how Jail inmates could be involved and rehabilitated by manufacturing high-quality products and by bringing it under a good brand name. The name Uday translates as - To rise. My friend and I, during our recent visit to Ahmedabad city, discovered a nondescript shop at... Continue Reading →

‘Fan’ boy lessons

I was inspired by my father and uncle who are aces at DIY - quite a bit of electrical, plumbing and home improvement work all these years. I was eager and at the same time nervous, about replacing the old ceiling fan with this new one, all by myself. I finally got the eagerness to overcome fear this morning.

  Totally excited with the integration of Google Photos with . Couldn't find a better photo to celebrate this. I clicked this at my school where i am trying to get an admission for my #dotter . I have a lifetime of photos on Google Photos. A big thing on my wishlist remains embedding of albums... Continue Reading →

My first WordCamp talk at Kochi

I am excited to see my first WordCamp talk at WordCamp Kochi  which got published on today ! The slides of the talk are right here:

Easter Favorite – I am born again – BoneyM

BoneyM was notably the first western music band I heard as a child, in a family where it was almost forbidden. The fear of kids turning into 'Hippies' -  if you can understand the orthodox fears in that era? The soothing and melodious sounds of BoneyM continue to remain my favorite. Their songs tell story... Continue Reading →

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