My first computer hardware ever

People usually frame the first dollar they earned for the sake of good memory and motivation.

I was going through my dusty storage cupboard and happened to spot my first ever computer related hardware. It took me on a ride down the memory lane.

Back in late 1980’s the only time I could use a computer was about ten minutes in a week at school. My teacher was also kind enough to encourage my eagerness. She taught me my first computer graphics lessons during a lunch break. It was in BASIC language.

My eyes lit up with hope when I found that my new neighbour has a personal computer at home! I took my own time to befriend the family, carefully shielding my selfish motive.

At the same time, I got my father to get me a 5.5 inch floppy disk. I took help of my teacher to copy my program and the compiler.

To my dismay, I eventually came to know that the neighbour no longer had the computer at home. His wife had it sent back to his office to stop him from working long hours at home. They had a young kid too. I remained a nice neighbour :)).

The disk remained a relic, safely stored in my desk. About ten years later my elder sister got a nice job. She pooled in with my father to spend a fortune to get me my first computer. It was a Pentium 2, 3.2GB HDD, 64MB RAM (?). Windows 95. Creative Sound blaster CDROM, sound card and speaker kit. I never realised at that time – most things I taught myself on the device would be the basis of my life and career in the future.

Who says a 5.5 inch floppy has only 1.2MB of memory?

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  1. Awesome memories! Initial usage of computer was indeed splendid. I still remember the one dad had at his office. πŸ™‚

  2. Nice to remember those old clickety-clackety days with the black screen and the command prompt on the large CRT screen. πŸ™‚

  3. Nostalgic memories.

  4. 64MB for a Windows 95 computer was loads! That computer must have zipped along. I think my first Windows 95 machine had 8MB.

    • nagpai

      I will need to recheck that one πŸ˜€ . I remember overspending though to get a machine that is `futureproof` .. at least for a few years. It costed a lot and my sister and dad had to both pool in πŸ˜€

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