Bharat Bandh.. Minds closed and Faith Lost – An Open letter to BJP and Shiv Seva

Dear BhagwaBandhus ( read BJP Shivsena  – the ground staff, its high bastions and maybe the ivory tower if my voice reaches there due to some miracle)

As an average Mumbaikar, belonging to the increasingly minority category of citizens called open category (medium creamy layer hindu brahmin), i must confess my inclination towards the saffron combine.  
However, the political bandh called today and the media chest-thumping of its “nationwide success” is an act worth condemning as the terror attacks. While the statement may sound strong, abrupt and irresponsible, just think… was the final motive of both dastardly acts not the same – to stop life as usual? 
I must congratulate you all for the “bloodless” ways though, which makes you ineligible for the privilege of Kasabniwas (A more Indian subcontinentized name for Arthur road jail)

 For the common man — really?
Back to the bandh that happened today, a forced political act disguised as protest on behalf of the common man, Can at least one of the BJP Karyakartas or Shiv Sainik, worth his salt explain, How has it helped make life easier?

Going by pure economics, haven’t the mounting losses due to shut business and of course the acts of non-violence (non conventional violence that is) by your workers, contributed to the rising costs… and multiply that… to the rising prices? After all this acts of yours will it be fair to ask for a miracle from the magic sadhus, trishuls and the other saffron delights that we have? Will you be answerable to them and to their Gods, and yes the People?

A dog trying to bite its own tail? 
To all of you, from BJP Shiv Sena, specially whom we voted to the Mumbai Municipality, to save ourselves from the Naturally Corrupt Party – Here is a question:

The Mehengai that you are all protesting against, aren’t you a major contributor to it in the following ways in Mumbai (your majority municipality enacted these immediately upon getting elected) :

1. Increased BEST Bus fare citing Electricity losses –  by as high as 70 – 80% . A ticket from colaba to churchgate, barely 7 kms costs Rs.12!! the ticket cost used to be Rs. 6 not even a year ago… through two hikes the cost has been doubled citing losses in the Electricity business. You have fooled the BEST commuter by making him pay for the Electricity losses . The cost does compensate your unions conducting strikes, and yes the buses you damage during the bandhs.. But hey … who is creating this mehengai?

2. Increase in Electricity Tariff citing Transport losses – This time the tail wags the dog… Your elected municipality fools the Bus commuters, and then the Electricity users, make money from both and jack up prices…

Besides this the latest Tax policies enacted by the Municipal corporation led by you, my dear Bhagwabandhus, is an institutionalized way to extort the already squeezed Mumbaikar.

After all of this do you have any answers? Or is it just yet another Bandh?

The country is shifting its gaze towards alternatives for the next government.. and you are only warning them against voting for you through your actions.

Yours Truly,
A Saffron Loyalist… and changing..

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  1. Anonymous

    well said… a very good letter. i hope the saffron brigade act more sensibly..

  2. When all pleas fall on deaf ears. When all options of advise die down. When elected Govts behave as per their whims and fancies. When the common man is really hit under the belt by his on representative, then bandh is the only option left to him. Here teh UPA and especially the Congress has become very adamant and this bandh is justified. Let people resolve to put an end to Congress rule.

  3. So rahul, going by your logic, should we then call a bandh once again for the Shivsena BJP raising the BEST bus tarrif by 8 rupees?

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