My Gadgets- episode 1 – HTC 3400i

2008-09 happened to be quite a gadgeted year for me. Not that i went on a buying spree of some of the most expensive flaunty devices around, rather settled for some devices that had genuine utility. Some of my real gadget freak friends would dispose these as cheap as compared to the “deeply desirables” in the market. But these devices have really helped me in my day to day.
htc 3400iThe first gadget, i would like to feature is HTC 3400i, a windows based touch-screen smart phone. Priced at Rs.9000+, you will find this on the entry level pricing as compared to other popular touch phones from the stable of HTC as well as others.

Features that i recall instantly : The phone is equipped with reasonably good browsing capabilities that helps you surf the mobile web. It has MS office and outlook which helps you handle docs, spreadsheets and check your email. If you have a windows live (hotmail et al) account you can send and receive emails pretty fast. But be warned, the whole list of your wanted and not wanted MSN messenger contacts barge into your phonebook the moment you map your windows live account.

The 2 megapix camera can help you click some good photos on the move just for snippets, rather than exploring finer photography.

How the phone helps me:
1. The first thing i do on my morning bus to office is check the Reuters India Mobile site for the latest news with least noise and celebrity crap that you find in other dailies.

2. I use Fring, a gem of an application that helps me logon to Gtalk, Facebook, orkut, and my latest favorite – Twitter. Most of my tweets you would find talk about my long bus journey back home. Once it did happen, that my wife and i tweeted the same thing, She from our home pc and me on my mobile.. ahh how romantic that was!

3. GMail and google search – Use these occassionally on the phone. Great utility

4. Quick Photography of things – funny and notable, on the road

5. Oh yes i make and receive phone calls too!

I haven’ t tried watching movies or hearing music on the phone as yet. Since i use my laptop and Sony walkman mp3 player for the same. The phone is however loaded with windows media player, with alternatives of better mobile media players available.

1. The phone navigation could take you some time to get used to, since it doesnt have blackberry-type Querty keypad or for that matter even a mechanical key number pad.. In the beginning you would be too dependent on the stylus, which can cause finger fatigue after sometime.

I would highly recommend using application like PCM Keyboard which helps you type with your fingers, much better and accurate. The keyboard application does have a hyper allergic auto-correct, which you would eventually get used to.

2. For all you guys waiting for 3G service.. the phone doesnt have 3G capability. It doesnt have wifi too. It does have bluetooth for wireless data exchange.

3. The phone is a bit bulky compared to the newer and slimmer models coming up

4. Well its a windows phone.. do i need to spell it more? Alright.. the phone sometimes does hang, and unlike your PC here you dont have CTRL ALT and DEL. But it doesnt hang too often though.

In case you are looking for trying out a good entry level smart phone with web browsing capability, HTC 3400i is definitely a great value for money buy.







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