King Long – BRTS1- Independence day celebrations

An informal group of commuters fondly named – “Yaatri Group” celebrated Independence Day on their favorite 7.15 AM BRTS 1 route BEST AC bus. On the same day, the group of which i am a member too celebrated my second most memorable birthday ever (first one was hosted by my wife 🙂 Varsha, last year and this year’s coming up.) The celebration included the whole bus decked up for the occassion and me singing a Patriotic and a light hindi song. The plan for the decoration and the actual work was carefully organized with the actual operation of decoration happening today early morning at the Thane Cadbury depot.

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The recently introduced luxurious King Long buses by the BEST has come as a boon to travellers between Thane, Dahisar and the Mumbai City. The speciality of the 7.15 bus is however the beautiful way in which commuters have bonded with each other and making that one hour plus morning commute worth waking up early to. The group besides bonding amongst themselves have actively partnered with the improvement efforts of the BEST.

They have been in regular touch with BEST officials giving constructive feedback (not disappointing rants) to them, while praising them for the new efforts. The staff that mans the bus in the morning is a part of the group too.

With long stressful work hours, better service like that offered by the BEST, powered by active and loving informal groups makes life in mumbai exciting as ever!

Happy Independence from travel woes… its getting better!

Jai Hind.






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  1. Abhijit Avatar

    Happy B’day Sire.. 🙂

  2. santosh Avatar

    well done nagesh.Thanks for being part of our Yatri group. Wish you many many happy returns of the day.


    Hi thereNageshWhat’s happening. None of your’s or Varsha’s blogs getting updated ?

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