IBM marches towards enterprise 2.0 offering

Here’s an interesting report by network computing about IBM

IBM Introduces Latest Set Of Web 2.0, Collaboration Tools

The web2.0 parade is now gathering pace with even corporates looking at employee-generated content seriously. While there are companies on the web2.0 bandwagon that make us wonder if they are part of bubble 2.0! This is one of the first instances where i am seeing a large enterprise solution provider adapting towards web 2.0.

Wikis and blogs, which so far were used at an individual level and in informal groups, are being looked upon as strong corporate tools. These can help employees participate in drafting policies, sharing research, developing new product designs…. all of these from anywhere in the webbed world! (this phenomenon has been termed as Enterprise 2.0).

With these tools that empower employees towards building their companies brick by brick, or should i say click by click, corporate democracy will have a changed meaning!






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