Ananya’s photographic journey

Ananya, my niece has been my absolute inspiration for getting to know the finer elements of photography. I am glad to share here a slide show with some of the memorable photos in chronological order since her birth.

Here we go!






7 responses to “Ananya’s photographic journey”

  1. Varsha Avatar

    CoolAnu is so damn lucky to have a creative photographer mamu like you

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    wonderful pictures man!regards, amrita

  3. Purnima Prabhu Avatar

    ur niece is tooooooo pretty..muaaaah… n very cuddly

  4. Nagesh Pai Avatar

    @varsha, with subject like her anyone would turn a photographer!! thats what i became.@Amrita and Purni.. she is indeed very cute.. apple of our eye 🙂

  5. Prateek Dayal Avatar

    Very cute .. i loved the captions … 🙂

  6. Ananya Avatar

    hello…it was fun watching Ananya’s pictures.I have taken pictures of my sons since the day there were born till date…there is more than 6000 pictures of the both of them…kkids are wonderful subjects to click pictures of…provided they r ready 2 sit still!Keep clicking! good luck!

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    ananya is choooooo chweeeeeeeeeeeeet

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