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modelling with photoshop

May 23, 2004 – 3 Photos
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  1. @ Aditi.. thanks for visiting and your lovely compliment>>@Varsha .. nothing but a big smile to you 😀>>@ Abhijit… You see abhi she actually doesnt mind.. pray that you get a partner like her >>@ starry nights.. Thanks .. i will certainly visit your blog. I am lazy to edit the template when i do so i will add you, aditi, dadoji, abhijit and all of them in the blogroll!

  2. Hey Nagesh, happend to visit your blog while searching any blog with a word nagesh.>Let me tell you two pure coincidances, one is my name is also nagesh and the other is my bday is on aug 10 ie we both are Leos 🙂

  3. @Karmic Jay: Send me your snaps and tell me your dreams 🙂 rest i will leave it to my photoshop >>@nagesh: Pleased to know that your ego-surfing led you to my blog and that the search engine led you here! Have a great time! and yes we will celebrate our bday in the same month

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