Announcement – Monsoon Trek

Agenda: Weekend walk in the woods

Day: Saturday and/or Sunday 9th and 10th July

Places under consideration: Vangani (Karjat route) or Neral – Matheran

Pirates on board till now: Kunal, Raj and Nagesh

About Vangani:

Vangani is known to be a trekker and a stargazer’s paradise which leads to the starting ridges of the Sahyadris. I had been there long back for a one day trek to a nearby waterfall there. it was a good one hour walk from the station, but it was an easy one day trek.

There are two good places i have seen on the net which can approached from Vangani – Nakhind and Chander. Great maiden trekking treads to explore here which has not yet been vandalized by many footfalls. But the route will need to be understood from the villagers there.

In any case we must be prepared for an overnight in the rare occssion of things getting late. The woods can captivate you like the worlds best illusionist.

Option 2: Neral to matheran:

An offroad route from Neral to matheran will be nice and green during this time of the year. During my scouts hike in school, I recollect seeing the entire trail till Jumapatti station lined up with waterfalls.

This is a more known route, although we dont have a detailed road map, but it is well within civilization. Not sure whether this could be made into a one day trip.

Venturing into the unknown is the best adventure specially when we know that its not ferocious. Would be great if you can add your comments to this blog by clicking on the comments link below.

In both cases we will need to take the first train to Karjat

Add your inputs since we need to freeze on this soon. As of now Kunal Raj and i are sure to tread come what may.







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  1. Gayatri Avatar

    Well that was quite an outing!!It was fun reading your blogs.Happy posting 🙂

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