Memorable Birthday! with the "Anonymous Call"

Perils of the overconnected world
This is my first birthday when i received so many many birthday wishes over the internet and my mobile phone. The wishes came from friends, some of them in daily contact and the rest of them had just two days to send blips to each other.. My birthday and theirs.
Sometime in the noon i got a call from an unidentified number. The voice at the other end was that of an energetic girl who whined “Heyyyy wish you many happy returns of the day!!!” She sounded familiar to another friend of mine, but her number would have been identified by my phone. I was busy at work and did not have the heart to cut her short.. “Thank you so much dear”, i told her as though she was my sister-in-law! The affection expressed was immediately reciprocated further and she said..”Hey Nagesh, i need your help in setting up speakers in my home.. Right now the interior works are on” ..
I was still going on with the conversation who i now designated mentally as UCO (Unidentified Calling Object) .. I discovered later that she was true flesh and blood.. but for that moment she was an object that emanated human voice with intelligence in it. I replied to her with my expert remarks about speaker setup and gadgetricks that i knew… but none of that helped me find her name.
You must be wondering what a fool i am for not having asked her name all this while!!! Actually it was a matter of “Time budget” . My mind immediately calculated… If i asked her she would throw up two likely situations:
a) She would fire me left right and center for being lazy in not saving her name and then reveal her identity… Time needed.. 15 minutes.
b) She would play the girls best game on Mankind – “Guess who?” – in the past i have been victim to this.. sometimes there have been girls who have called with a “Paichaan kaun??” agenda only to know that they dialled the wrong guy!… Time needed.. minimum 15 minutes.. till indefinite!!
I used my calculations to deduce on the busy working day that i had to use a pretence of knowing her. and be careful not to use a sentence that requires her name to be addressed… The call ended in 9 minutes!! Bravo Nagesh!
But guess what i spent more minutes now thinking .. woh kaun thi!!?? Who was she??
Necessity is the mother of invention.. regardless of the intention.. I messaged to that number asking.. “I am sorry you called sometime in the morning.. there is a bug in my phone and i cant find your name.. can you please message me back your name?”…
I guess the girl was time-budgetting too and alas! she happend to be a close friend who had changed her number and i hadn’t updated the same on my phone
If she sees this blog .. i am done for.. meanwhile all my blog visitors.. make the best of the time till she manages to show me the stars!
Post-bday Boy Nagesh
Birthday Gift to me from Varsha

Candle-lit birthday girl

Varsha celebrated her first birthday.. with me yesterday. 🙂 It was a great surprise party arranged by her friends in the evening before she arrived at her home with me.. I had ensured that she stays with me at my home so that her friends had ample time to brew the event. Varsha’s Mom was a great part of the conspiracy too 🙂

Was the most memorable day after my engagement with Varsha 🙂 I am sure it was the same for her too!

The "Check Your Weight Sir" Girl

(encounter on the foothills of the Jivdani Shrine, Virar)

Got a breather after a long time, even as the hot n’ humid weather of Mumbai still awaits a break from the cribs of Mumbaikars tortured by it. Few moments back was going through the blogs of my close friends Ananth and Aparna who have beautifully described their yearning for the deluge.

The weatherman’s prediction has been proving jinx for the rains, for whenever he predicts a storm there is a lull!

The advent of monsoon, or atleast the thought of it, brings to my mind my trip to the Jivdani Shrine which i did during two monsoons, just when the rains started. Both the times i had an inner urge that drove me to the shrine The first time around i did not even know how to get there from the station. But i did find trusted waypoints to the place. The Shrine is located on a hilltop which is about half hour walk from the Virar Railway station. To reach the temple we need to climb 1000 and odd steep steps which takes another half hour for an average person. When it starts raining, the rainwater gushes through the steps carrying red vermillon (Kumkum) with it offered by devotees, and we see a stream of blood red going all the way.

During my second visit there, i was gratified by a beautiful Darshan of the Goddess and that of her humble creation who waited for me during my descent. I was busy smelling the breeze which had the freshness of raindrops and the fragrance of herbs of the hill. I was distracted by a sweet shrill voice that summoned me “Saheb Wazan check kar lo please…sirf Do rupaye ” (Sir please check your weight, only 2 rupees) and her dark tiny hands, washed in raindrops, pointed to a primitive weight checker that lay at her feet. I was reluctant and i moved further.. the child was persistent and used the mercy card.. “Sir please check your weight because i need to eat something from what you will pay”

I budged and removed my wet shoes before checking my weight. Looking at the dial i said “Oh my God, 70 kilos!! are you sure your machine reads the weight right??”. The Kid chuckled pointing to the canteen on the hilltop saying “Sir I am sure you would have had some great Misal pav there” .. i was surprised that she guessed my meal right! by not watching my weight, but my expressions. I smiled at her.. i emptied al the change in my pocket which came to about the fee of checking my weight ten times. In my mind i still maintained that i was not 70 kgs :-)… maybe it was the weight of my rain-drenched clothes.

But the day today sees me a little heavier than 70 despite my dry clothes, no extra luggage and yes… no rains from the skies … sigh!