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  • A career in code – My next leap of faith

    A career in code – My next leap of faith

    2022 has been very special – it was a leap year for me without a 29 day February. I moved out of my home where I lived pretty much all my life to a new place. I also embarked on a journey from a support role to that of core coding / software engineering. Thanks…

  • Code exercise – Memory Game

    Code exercise – Memory Game

    Why am I coding? My immediate goal in learning to code, is to be able to appreciate the _poetry_ written by my colleagues and the lovely community of open source. I believe understanding this code will also help me do my day-to-day work as a support engineer so much better. My current job has made…

  • Coding Curriculum for Myself

    Coding Curriculum for Myself

    My day job involves helping people with their websites created on the platform. While the power of the WordPress software helps us create a variety of websites without knowing a line of code, I find learning HTML / CSS and Javascript very handy. It helps me identify issues faster and to appreciate the awesome…