‘Fan’ boy lessons

I was inspired by my father and uncle who are aces at DIY - quite a bit of electrical, plumbing and home improvement work all these years. I was eager and at the same time nervous, about replacing the old ceiling fan with this new one, all by myself. I finally got the eagerness to overcome fear this morning.

Pearls of Wisdm – Gem of a friend

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Rohan Thakare at the new sprawling office of WisdmLabs .  After a illustrious stint with Convonix, and IBM, Rohan pursued the career path of his passion with WisdmLabs towards beginning 2012. This was around the same time I moved on from my corporate career to pursue a freelance path... Continue Reading →

“Hi, I am Nagesh’s Topi” #WCMumbai

Summary - Before the Topi speaks for herself,  the story here is about how i got my Crown (topi cap) for the WordCamp Mumbai 2017 thanks to a hero at my home - my loyal home staff - Jyoti Chawla :). Hear the story from "topi herself". Nagesh was all excited about his second speaking... Continue Reading →

Graduating as a Prof

The weekend thats about to end in few hours, marked two very memorable events. Apart from the launch of Balaji Seva Samiti website, there was one more event which was very special and unique in its occurence - the convocation ceremony at NMIMS University, where my first batch of students passed out. Around 140 in... Continue Reading →

A weekend diary note

Here i am, at the brink of terminal midnight...where one week end's and shows me the next flight..The week that went by had many pleasant and jovial moments.. Few random citations served right here:1. Finally got a call from NMIMS university for an assignment as a visiting faculty for one of my favorite subject -... Continue Reading →

A sleepless night – random rambles

The first notions that come to your mind when someone says - "Sleepless night" is hard work, constant worry, upset health, insomnia... and so on. Thankfully, this moment of my sleeplessness relates to none. Strangely, i slept off at 8 PM the moment i reached home, and after 6 hours of dreamy sleep, i woke... Continue Reading →

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