Saddling up, again with PPOF foldie cycle

Not very long ago, I had a chance to ride a Brompton folding cycle (foldie) owned by my brother-in-law. I could see how easy it was to carry, and even store in a small apartment, without any compromise in the ride quality. About a year plus later I got my eyes on PPOF – aContinue reading “Saddling up, again with PPOF foldie cycle”

Type like Pu. La. Deshpande with PuLa 100 font in Marathi or Devanagari on WordPress

‘Be Birbal‘ – A digital agency based in Pune, India did a remarkable and generous contribution to the lovers of Marathi language and literature. They launched a font made using the beautiful handwriting of legendary writer and artist – Pu. La. Deshpande, affectionately known as PuLa. What’s more the font can be requested for freeContinue reading “Type like Pu. La. Deshpande with PuLa 100 font in Marathi or Devanagari on WordPress”

Coding Curriculum for Myself

My day job involves helping people with their websites created on the platform. While the power of the WordPress software helps us create a variety of websites without knowing a line of code, I find learning HTML / CSS and Javascript very handy. It helps me identify issues faster and to appreciate the awesomeContinue reading “Coding Curriculum for Myself”

US Visa photos for kids at home!

Wife and Kids had their US Visa biometric and photo submission today. For adults the Visa Application Center takes photos, however for children below 14, they ask for photographs in a prescribed format. It completely missed my mind that we had to keep the photographs of the dynamic duo ready, and that the photos neededContinue reading “US Visa photos for kids at home!”

My Video on Automattic’s official channel!

A very happy day to see myself on the official YouTube channel of my awesome employer – Automattic Inc. The video was lovingly edited by my colleagues and posted in no time! Much like what i mentioned in the video, the company cares a lot for its employees’ wellbeing. I say that as i holdContinue reading “My Video on Automattic’s official channel!”

Second Day, Second Year, Second Child, every second counts

As the world tries to recover back from the holiday season and new year celebrations, I enjoy my most eventful day of the year. The Second of January, 2019 is special for these reasons. It lies sandwiched between the birthdays of two (again) of the three most important ladies in my life – Daugther’s onContinue reading “Second Day, Second Year, Second Child, every second counts”

Home-made coconut oil

In Mumbai, India and parts of western India, the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with a lot of pomp and grandeur. Coconuts, considered divine, are offered in large numbers to the Hindu God, which is later redistributed as blessed Prasad. I took the opportunity of this festive occasion to prepare some home-made coconut oil basedContinue reading “Home-made coconut oil”