The first notions that come to your mind when someone says – “Sleepless night” is hard work, constant worry, upset health, insomnia… and so on. Thankfully, this moment of my sleeplessness relates to none. Strangely, i slept off at 8 PM the moment i reached home, and after 6 hours of dreamy sleep, i woke up at 2 AM with nothing much to do except for toying with a new netbook that i got for my cousin sister.

I just recall that i reclined on my bed at 8 pm, and immediately fell asleep as though i was tranquilized with a strong dose of anaesthetic drug. Though my personal anaesthetist – my wife Varsha, is away from home preparing for her final exams on the same subject. I could have very well been a subject of her study today for two reasons –

1. What made me go into hibernation at 8 pm?
2. What keeps me totally awake at 2 am?

As i fell asleep, i recall entering an imaginary world in my dreams, which had some imaginary friends of mine partying with me. In the dream, I recall standing outside the five star venue, in the lawn of the entrance driveway, with a couple of my friends asking if i was fine… And all of a sudden, the earth shakes violently – right to left… “God, its an earthquake!” everyone around exclaims.. Within moments, there is a second tremor, this time exactly in 90 degrees direction to the earlier one.. Went into deeper slumber after that… and then stood awake at 2 AM.

Have had strange dreams, usually during summer nights. Have dreamt of dark skies, storms and tornadoes (once distinctly at Dadar beach) during this rude season.

Maybe i should just shift to the Air Conditioned bed room :-)….. *yawn* … feeling a bit sleepy now.. and there is about an hour of sleep-able early morning :).. Sweet dreams.