At the first sight of it looks like a service offered by a reputed payment solutions company in league with Visa, that promises to may bill payments a breeze.

I am sorry to say that i got conned by the image and the promise offered by the brand. My bills of Reliance Mobile (my wife’s and mine) were presented on the site, and i decided to try its service. I made a payment through my Visa credit card on, and the same was acknowledged through respective transaction IDs, with a status of Paid.

However, even after 3 working days, i keep getting calls from reliance mobile’s aggressive recovery center for the amount. 3 days and more for electronic payment, through an approved credit card, is ridiculous.

Things are in a mess with one lesson learnt…. Make your bill payments, no matter what, without any intermediaries, no matter how big their names are… In this case the big name is a big Con.

Update – the payment finally went through after three agonizing days and after passing on the payment reference numbers to Reliance.