Face of America (or the lac of it)

Many citizens in the US may wonder, why do so many people in the world dislike them? why is their innocent presence at the crosshairs of terror attacks? Inspite of being a great icon of freedom and democracy, what’s the problem with people around the world?

When you look at the US as a lay outsider with some facts from history, you would come across a behavioral pattern of fear – of losing the superpower status, fear – of inability to feed the gluttonous US consumption, someday.  It is this fear that makes US today:
1. The country with the maximum weapons of mass destruction, which is on a desperate hunt to disarm the rest of the world
2. The only country that used a weapon of mass destruction
3. The country that aided creation of Taliban, to counter the soviet “threat”  – Was silent during its conquest of afghanistan. And today the militia is the biggest threat to the US and the good world. 
4. The country with a greed to keep its citizens consuming, invaded Iraq with a mask of fighting terror, only to gain control on oil and to boost its war-driven economy.
Here’s an example of a country that showed itself to its citizen as a great idol of freedom and democracy. While to the rest of the world it pressed upon its tyranny.
Will change arrive in the US with Obama at its helm? At least the first hundred days of the charismatic leader indicate otherwise.