Joy of a wireless home

I am obsessed with computers and the Internet and consider them to be my basic necessities after food, shelter and perhaps clothing ;-).

The last financial year has been a year when i spoilt myself with quite a few interesting gadgets. The latest one was a wireless router that i decided to install at my home, to enable my 2 PCs and mainly a laptop to get connected to each other and share a network connection.
Three-four years back, I first experimented with a wired LAN, with cables running through my room. Made one of my machines as a gateway and shared the internet connection. I had considered later to buy a linksys wireless kit, but during that time it costed about thrice as much as the conventional cabled network.  Inspite of the cables being called “CAT-5”, rodents were not scared to take a nice bite at ’em. Thanks to their ruthless attacks, house repairs etc, the cabling failed and i got too bored to restore it.
Wireless At Last!
Lower Price:
Meanwhile i found that the price of a wireless router and adapters had reduced drastically. I ran to a neighborhood shop and purchased a router like i would buy a packet of biscuit. The price difference between the shop and the computer hardware mecca of our city – Lamington Road, was a couple of hundred bucks. I settled for a D-link DIR-300 model that costed me about 2 grands. 
Configuration with your internet provider:
Initially i couldnt connect to the internet because of a software that my cable operator uses to connect me (called Cyberroam 24 online). I fixed this by requesting them to make some changes on their side, which would connect me based on my IP and MAC address and not the software.  
Wireless security:
It is absolutely imperative to password protect a wireless connection. Few simple steps provided in the router configuration made my network invisible to the mean bad world outside, and also password protected it, just in case they spotted my signal.
Presto! now i can access the net without wires from any part of my home. My rodent guests now have no other choice but to feast on the Rat-kill biscuits.






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