Obama ka Kaarnama – please pay exact change!

When Barack Hussein Obama succeeded George W Bush, the entire world celebrated with hope that sanity would return to white house, after two five-year terms of what i would call – The planet of the Ape.
So there we were –  an  “New and Improved”(american marketers favorite chant) President of the United States surfing high on a hawaiian wave of hope with a very promising punchline – The change we need is here. ( applause… encores…fireworks around the world…. hopes and promises)
An amazing punchline which no hyped advertisement in the debt ridden nation of the United States would ever like to miss.
As a foreign layman observer sitting at a point which wakes when US sleeps, i agree with Obama-Saheb. The change that US needs, but perhaps doesn’t want  is surely going to arrive… 
The change is nothing but the sound of the last few coins (the change) in the american pocket, after they are done with printing dollars indiscriminately without any underlying national productivity/ wealth, just to feed those who are spending without earning as much….  After they have realized that the gluttony of debt in the country is leading them nowhere and … they wouldn’t have the rest of the world bail them out…. The music of ‘change’ chinking in the american pocket would arrive indeed!
The change is nothing but the coppers and nickels that would eventually remain clinking in the american coffers after funding its own enemies (and that of humanity) – militarily and humanitarian. You may not guess too hard who these enemies are. For all you know the blood thirsty, sheep-skinned ‘allies’ of the american war against terrorism will bring the situation of ‘change’ faster?