Long and Hot weekend in Mumbai

The topic of the blog may seem like that of a fantasy episode, but the underlying experience is far from that.   I tried twittering my thoughts, but 160 characters is too short, and i dont fancy writing in SMS mnemonics. So here are few topics running through my mind:

The Weather:
If someone asks me.. whats up? .. my answer would be the mercury…. and for “Whats hot?”… certainly something else is hotter than Bips and Bebo (eeks)

Mumbaikars, with what they have been facing for the last whole week, would understand and empathize with the topic quickly.

In the last week we have faced temperatures soaring towards 40 degrees celcius, with high levels of humidity. The radiating heat during the day makes us realize what happens to our poor food in the microwave. Is this the revenge of the soul of the cabbage? Perhaps…I think soon we would be able to bake cookies out in the sun in ten minutes flat. No need to invest in an oven or the electricity/ gas to run it.
If Dr. Frost, the frozen villain of Batman, crept out of fiction, he would make millions for his freeze suit – i am sure!
Olympics happen once in four years. We have a special sport in India too that happens once in five years (or sometimes bonus occurences to as much as 5 times a year).. They call it the union elections.. 
All of us know it is the biggest mockery of democracy, reoeating periodically ever since India became Independent from the Brits and then again enslaved by indigenous elements.  Ego’s of individual voters are pumped to the extreme to tell them that the future of the country is in their hands, and that they have the right to choose..a goon or .. a goon.. and yet another goon.  and then for the remaining five years, they have no control on what happens in “their own” rule.
I would do my duty as a citizen for sure and vote for my favorite goon, while knowing that whoever wins would either split the country based on religion, or based on secular constitutional practices like caste reservations.  I will try and do my duty and worship the constitution that advocates for these practices;  and those holy people who make amends to this.
All set and done, election here is the biggest reality show, nothing gets more unreally real and raw as this.  You will find media sleeping with every possible politician. They would epitomize them now as much as they criticized and condemned their actions earlier- or perhaps vice versa. Now that political parties advertise and provide revenue to the media, in this recessionary times, their credibility and authenticity is certainly questionable. Nevertheless, news (read sensationalism)  in India with its overtures is meant to be consumed as entertainment rather than … knowledge of whats happening. 
So grab your popcorn, get overwhelmed with the coverage, and get that purple stain on your index finger.
Long weekend
Idle brain and this hot and sultry weather gets the devil working. While the devil in your mind is busy, you get time to stay away from things that fatigue you otherwise…  For me.. its the terrible crowd, dust and pollution in this city. 
So here i am lazing and grazing on the Internet, keying some random thoughts.. 
For those of you who managed to reach so far… thanks for your time and feel rewarded for your patience levels! 🙂






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  1. Forest_ranger Avatar

    Nice Post.

    I hope the heat does not become a ruse for people to sit at home and not vote. Its not fair to just keep cribbing when we dont exercise our rights. In any case we are responsible for our own predicament of having to choose between one goon or another

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