Anything but Pink, Honey

Valentine’s day just went by and this time the fatigue for pink grew deeper. 
This season it wasnt just archies cards, rose vendors and red ribbon sellers who made money.  Infact their market share was grabbed by Kajori, Good morning, Lux, roopa, and many such undergarment manufacturers, who were busy catering to a growing demand for pink undies. If you dont know what i am talking about do a google search for Pink Chaddi Campaign
Pink turned out to be a color far more dangerous than i ever thought it would be, beyond my farthest imagination. The gurly and innocent connotations of the color, what once was, is never gonna be the same. 
One of the first victims of pink, i recall was Karan Jowhar, who had a pink-n-white pansy setup for his talk show – Kaufee with Karan. The color created an instant association with the buzz that suspected him to be a “Queen” to a king of the industry. Not a wonder, that his next season consciously avoided pink. 
Coming back to the recent happenings- 
First, it was pink slips raining all over the place in the wake of the global meltdown. People particularly in finance domain got scared of pink.
Then we had a bumper crop of strawberries, which made me see pink all over. 
And now.. its raining Pink underwears shed by pissed out pubbing women claiming independence from chauvenistic culture police, Ram Sene,  who recently assaulted women at a pub in mangalore and were determined to spoil V-day celebrations. I had some of my friends enroled in the group. When i said that i was amazed at the rate at which their group of pubbing women shed their pink precious clothing. They were quick to respond saying – we are a part of the group, but we dont drink… well just Juice. 
Ram Sene responds back with what could really bring a slowdown in retail cloth sales – They planned to give a saree in return of every pink chaddi received. Imagine – what could be more discounted than a nice handloom saree available for a new and cheaper currency – Pink Chaddi!
Things dont end there, there is yet another group of pissed out men conveying a mutual reciprocative feeling by starting a  pink condom campaign. 
Do a word search of pink on this post.. you will be fatigued i am sure.. imagine the pain of seeing it all over the news… media.. everywhere….. Terrible!






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  1. Pai Avatar

    Nagesh, nice one. n funny. 🙂However Nagesh, I do think you missed the point entirely with the “pink chaddi campaign” or whatever else you want to call it.It wasn’t exactly just about women (or men) wanting to get pissed drunk in a pub, or for that matter shedding their precious pink nothings. It just wasn’t about that you see.The campaign was about upholding an individual’s freedom to do, whatever he or she wanted to do (ofcourse as long as its legal and the constitution of the land in question was not violated).Oops, there goes my favourite Pink Chaddi. Nice take nonetheless. 😀

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