The "Check Your Weight Sir" Girl

(encounter on the foothills of the Jivdani Shrine, Virar)

Got a breather after a long time, even as the hot n’ humid weather of Mumbai still awaits a break from the cribs of Mumbaikars tortured by it. Few moments back was going through the blogs of my close friends Ananth and Aparna who have beautifully described their yearning for the deluge.

The weatherman’s prediction has been proving jinx for the rains, for whenever he predicts a storm there is a lull!

The advent of monsoon, or atleast the thought of it, brings to my mind my trip to the Jivdani Shrine which i did during two monsoons, just when the rains started. Both the times i had an inner urge that drove me to the shrine The first time around i did not even know how to get there from the station. But i did find trusted waypoints to the place. The Shrine is located on a hilltop which is about half hour walk from the Virar Railway station. To reach the temple we need to climb 1000 and odd steep steps which takes another half hour for an average person. When it starts raining, the rainwater gushes through the steps carrying red vermillon (Kumkum) with it offered by devotees, and we see a stream of blood red going all the way.

During my second visit there, i was gratified by a beautiful Darshan of the Goddess and that of her humble creation who waited for me during my descent. I was busy smelling the breeze which had the freshness of raindrops and the fragrance of herbs of the hill. I was distracted by a sweet shrill voice that summoned me “Saheb Wazan check kar lo please…sirf Do rupaye ” (Sir please check your weight, only 2 rupees) and her dark tiny hands, washed in raindrops, pointed to a primitive weight checker that lay at her feet. I was reluctant and i moved further.. the child was persistent and used the mercy card.. “Sir please check your weight because i need to eat something from what you will pay”

I budged and removed my wet shoes before checking my weight. Looking at the dial i said “Oh my God, 70 kilos!! are you sure your machine reads the weight right??”. The Kid chuckled pointing to the canteen on the hilltop saying “Sir I am sure you would have had some great Misal pav there” .. i was surprised that she guessed my meal right! by not watching my weight, but my expressions. I smiled at her.. i emptied al the change in my pocket which came to about the fee of checking my weight ten times. In my mind i still maintained that i was not 70 kgs :-)… maybe it was the weight of my rain-drenched clothes.

But the day today sees me a little heavier than 70 despite my dry clothes, no extra luggage and yes… no rains from the skies … sigh!






14 responses to “The "Check Your Weight Sir" Girl”

  1. VelvetVoiceVijay Avatar

    A good encounter retelling.But kind of a sad last part,what with the weighing 70 kgs without the wet clothes and all….brought tears to my eyes.Wonder how much i’ll weigh now with my tear-drenched clothes….

  2. Abhijit Avatar

    Somehow moved my heart with the situation

  3. Varsha Avatar

    Wow…one customer(salesman rest of the times) who wasn’t satisfied with the service but paid 10 times the price anyways!!!

    You must have checked your weight again after the 2000 step trip….just to see if it made any significant change…

  4. Varsha Avatar

    Rain ke sath 55 kilo aur badh jayega boss!!!

  5. Nagesh Pai Avatar

    Varsha, with those 55 kilos of rain, i begin to fly 🙂 That keeps Newton Guessing.

    Vijay, sorry about the gross water loss from your body

    Abhi, i am honored to have moved a rocksteady personality as you 🙂

  6. Abhijit Avatar

    Are Mahashay, How could you not understand the additional 55 Kgs due to rain??
    And that too coming from the Rain itself 😉

  7. Varsha Avatar

    so 70 minus 55 is 15 kgs of Nagesh only!!! Wow , look Abhijit here is competition for Ganesh Bappa

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    your weight seems to have created a ruckus! yet Happy Monsoons!!

    The rains will keep adding to your weight.. 70 to shuruvat hai!

  9. mathew Avatar

    Thanks for droppin by my blog..

    Beautiful encounter..inspite of all the fundas of not encouraging begging..its tough not to spare a coin when a little girl is asking for a morsel..


  10. wanderingscribe Avatar

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  11. Gangadhar Avatar

    hey,nag..nice read..gud encounter..hehe

  12. Mellowdrama Avatar

    Nice..funny how a small incident makes such an impact but it always does. The best moments of my life are a pot pourri of droll incidents:) Btw I am sure it was the wet clothes..hehe

  13. Nagesh Pai Avatar

    Heyy thanks for your comments, Mellowdrama. Phew! atleast someone trusts it was indeed the wet clothes 😀

  14. aks Avatar

    well written!

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