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Hello There!

How has your journey in cyberspace been so far? Welcome to Nagzone, the place where you find a good friend in me and get an opportunity to share some of your interests and knowledge with me.

26 years Young, Religiously secular and Secularly religious, net to net, a firm believer in the Supreme who is humble enough to come down to my level and help me shoulder-to shoulder. An engineer plus MBA in qualification, after a fair share of experiments in career today I am content and almost settled in Advertising and Media.

Every breath and heartbeat in life for me constitutes the rhythm of the drum that starts its thumps from the womb and stops at a step short of the tomb. My life is full of music and Music fills my life! Keep visiting my cove here and stay tuned!







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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Fantabulous!!! I have bookmarked your blog URL … keep posting more experiences/blogs … the flow and barrage of your blog is catchy and importunate. The flux is engaging and the title kept me guessing and speculating. Overall a very reposeful experience.

    – Sridhar Ramachandran(

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